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Peel Ports Article: Laying the foundations for modular construction success

Peel Ports Article: Laying the foundations for modular construction success

The challenge

Anyone who has watched self-build home TV programmes over the last decade and is familiar with modular construction will know that these days they are a far cry from the post-war prefabs many of us may recognise.

In the UK we tend to think of it as a modern or even novel method, although it is well established in the Far East and other countries as a trusted approach to building.

Liverpool-based Space Modular is already a market leader in designing, manufacturing and installing next-generation modular homes.

Now it has partnered with a Malaysian manufacturing company to import modular houses, focusing initially on social housing in the North West of England.

The UK has a well-reported housing shortage crisis, especially with first-time buyers or low-income families struggling to get on the property ladder. Modular housing could be a major part of the answer, although the sector is still in its infancy here, which means suppliers need to be flexible.

Space Modular’s first goal is to import 500 modules via Liverpool for the North West, with ambitions to rapidly increase to 5000 modules for wider UK distribution.

The solution

Although each module weighs 20 tonnes and is obviously bulky, the precision components need strong but delicate handling.

Space Modular is working with us at the Port of Liverpool due to our deep water berths as well as our heavy lift equipment for unloading frames onto the port carefully.

Liverpool also provides the ideal location for reaching the local market using the shortest possible supply chain, although as the market grows Space Modular will look to import modules via our wider network of ports which are positioned strategically for all parts of the UK.

Our ports also provide value-added options, such as space on site to develop finishing and storage solutions, meaning Space Modular can use local services and keep logistic costs down.

Chris Smith, Managing Director of Space Modular, said: “Our first reason for working with Peel Ports is that they’ve got the network, locations, facilities and onward transport links that we need to make a mark in this important new sector. But we’ve also learned that they’re a company we can really form a partnership with. We need a supply chain provider that we can trust and that shares our commitment to quality. That’s what we’re getting with Peel Ports thanks to their excellent customer service and expert advice.”

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